Your health

There is nothing better than walking into the sunset 🧡 Today has been a day of sitting and working at my laptop. So this evening the need to get outside not only for my physical health but my mental health was an absolute must. And the bonus of the husband, one son + fish andContinue reading “Your health”

Keeping busy

It’s been a busy work day but coming back to walk along this beautiful beach makes it worth it. I have clocked up 550 miles in the last 24 hours and 300 more on the way tomorrow, but it has been worth it. Over the next year I will be making a few of theseContinue reading “Keeping busy”

Summer Holidays

One more day before I can just enjoy being with my family for a while 💙

Desk Job

Working at a desk all day was never what I planned or wanted to do. I have always been a sports lover, keen to explore and loved being outside. But reality is my day job means being inside working at a desk or attending meetings sometimes in a room with no windows. So when myContinue reading “Desk Job”

A little bit of fresh air

This is just perfect 💚 It’s felt like a long week working whist the children were on half term but now I’m free for the weekend. Time to get outside and explore West Sussex a bit more.

Work life

Totally shattered today and I have only worked 2 days this week! The children are on half term and I feel awful that I have not taken them away for the week. I have an awful migraine and I am holding a conference tomorrow. My hair is messy, my brain is scrambled and I’m offContinue reading “Work life”

It’s Sunday evening again

‘Hidden in plain sight’. So it’s the end of another weekend and it’s nearly time to go back to the work week grind. So many of us just getting on with our daily jobs with not a thought of how what we do impacts others. Tomorrow take a moment to think how you make aContinue reading “It’s Sunday evening again”


Been working hard to get this smile back. So I’m guilty of it, posting Instagram pictures showing what I want everyone to see: a happy me. My world is a constant rollercoaster of emotions, working most of the week and doing the family chores the rest of the week. My life is in no wayContinue reading “Smile”