Black Rock Sands

Black Rock Sands in North Wales holds many precious memories for us as a family. You can drive on the beach in your car with all your kit and enjoy a fantastic day at the beach. We are looking forward to visiting this beautiful beach again soon.

Keeping busy

It’s been a busy work day but coming back to walk along this beautiful beach makes it worth it. I have clocked up 550 miles in the last 24 hours and 300 more on the way tomorrow, but it has been worth it. Over the next year I will be making a few of theseContinue reading “Keeping busy”

It’s not always playtime

Perfect long weekend, wish I could do it all over again. Tomorrow it’s back to work as it’s not always time to ‘play’. Back to trying to push further forward in my project; let’s see what this ‘work week’ has in hold for me.

The Challenge Ahead

So it’s beginning to sink in that I have taken on this mammoth challenge to climb Kilimanjaro. The biggest adventures I have ever taken on has been with my family. And for Kilimanjaro whilst I will have a fabulous team I am going to be without my family. And I can tell you now IContinue reading “The Challenge Ahead”