The Countryside Code

As we adventure and explore others are preserving and protecting so we can continue to enjoy. Do your bit and ensure you follow the countryside code when your exploring: Respect everyone✅ be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the countryside✅ leave gates and property as you find them✅ do not block accessContinue reading “The Countryside Code”

Your health

There is nothing better than walking into the sunset 🧡 Today has been a day of sitting and working at my laptop. So this evening the need to get outside not only for my physical health but my mental health was an absolute must. And the bonus of the husband, one son + fish andContinue reading “Your health”


Been working hard to get this smile back. So I’m guilty of it, posting Instagram pictures showing what I want everyone to see: a happy me. My world is a constant rollercoaster of emotions, working most of the week and doing the family chores the rest of the week. My life is in no wayContinue reading “Smile”

Making Memories

Planning adventures makes me happy, they don’t have to be big or expensive just something that I will remember. I remember building sandcastles and dams with the children in the middle of winter on the beach. One particular occasion a gentleman came over and said ‘it’s so lovely to see a family enjoying the beachContinue reading “Making Memories”

Watching the sunset

Getting outside, letting my brain relax and enjoying the beautiful countryside. I lent against a tree and watched the sunset. Simple but Perfect. I cannot explain just how watching the sunset has given me so much energy. I have felt very drained and tired over the past few weeks but getting outside this evening provedContinue reading “Watching the sunset”

Yr Eifl

It was an awful journey up to Wales last night from Kent – road works and road closures everywhere but being out side exploring today makes up for it. We use the OS Maps app when we are out and about along with the OS active map – 254 for today. I took the walkContinue reading “Yr Eifl”