Been working hard to get this smile back. So I’m guilty of it, posting Instagram pictures showing what I want everyone to see: a happy me. My world is a constant rollercoaster of emotions, working most of the week and doing the family chores the rest of the week. My life is in no wayContinue reading “Smile”

It’s not always playtime

Perfect long weekend, wish I could do it all over again. Tomorrow it’s back to work as it’s not always time to ‘play’. Back to trying to push further forward in my project; let’s see what this ‘work week’ has in hold for me.

Sunset Moments

As the sunsets on another day it’s got me thinking. My family know little about what I do at work, I try my best to keep that separate. As I walk out of work, I let the sunset. At home my sunsets when I get into my bed and I close my eyes.

Woodland Wonder

What a beautiful evening to take a walk through the woods to see the flower carpets appearing. So many wood anemones, primroses and a sprinkling of bluebells. Taking in the fresh air and listening to an audiobook no better way to have some me time.


When I am working I always try to grab a little bit of time outside walking, taking in the day. My mind gets the space that it needs to and I stumble upon some beautiful places.

International Women’s Day

On #internationalwomensday I celebrate all the women in my life and to all the unsung women that achieve so very much but go unnoticed. I encourage everyone no matter their gender to work for their dreams, never believe that one job is superior to another and to remember it’s everyone working together that will makeContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Work Life

Getting ready – quite often in my day job I come across people who block the system, who are negative, are scared of working together, of showing weakness and quite often think they know the answer to everything. And every day I get up do my day job to try and show others that youContinue reading “Work Life”