Sunset Moments

As the sunsets on another day it’s got me thinking. My family know little about what I do at work, I try my best to keep that separate. As I walk out of work, I let the sunset. At home my sunsets when I get into my bed and I close my eyes.


‘And though she be but little, she is fierce’. – Shakespeare I often feel like this small in a big world. In my work place so many people thinking that their role is more important than another’s. This could not be more wrong. It takes many things to succeed, often with one selfless person bringingContinue reading “Workers”

Making Memories

Planning adventures makes me happy, they don’t have to be big or expensive just something that I will remember. I remember building sandcastles and dams with the children in the middle of winter on the beach. One particular occasion a gentleman came over and said ‘it’s so lovely to see a family enjoying the beachContinue reading “Making Memories”

The Journey So Far

My world in one picture. A year ago today I married my soul mate. A blink and we have been together 16 years. I look at the children who now tower above me and feel so lucky to have every one of them. Now let’s get on and create another chapter of our life.


I never thought I would be that person, never thought I would loose someone so precious to me, Asten a wonderful daughter, amazing sister and loyal friend. After a serious car accident Asten was air lifted to hospital but devastatingly she lost the battle for her life later the same day. This has completely shatteredContinue reading “Kilimanjaro”

What is enough?

Just being together is enough. There is so much pressure on everyone to have material things and whilst we do need some material things what is enough? I have clothes to wear and a house to live in. I am lucky to have children, have a car, go on holidays and I have a job.Continue reading “What is enough?”