I never thought I would be that person, never thought I would loose someone so precious to me, Asten a wonderful daughter, amazing sister and loyal friend. After a serious car accident Asten was air lifted to hospital but devastatingly she lost the battle for her life later the same day.

This has completely shattered our lives, we have had to learn to live again and to deal with the huge unseen mental health issues.

Since Asten passed on 21st May 2017 I have had some of the most heartbreaking conversations with my 2 boys, ‘mum I am so scared when am I going to die?’ and ‘what’s the point if we are just going to die anyway’. And I have felt like a failure not being able to give them the answers they desire. And its thanks to the support of my family, friends and bereavement Councillor that I am getting through this unimaginable loss.

Showing the children that life can go on and it’s what you make of it, is one of the reasons why I am taking on the Kilimanjaro challenge for Child Bereavement UK. Secondly that others can have access to the support after such a loss and finally for me to show myself how strong I still am and I will continue to be.

So if you can please support every single penny will go towards helping a parent or sibling who has been bereaved of a son/daughter/brother/sister/mum/dad.

Support my Kilimanjaro Trek


Published by Tamsin Jones

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