Cycling Clowes Wood

Since I was young I was always taken to Clowes Wood, we would take our family dogs down whilst our parents would walk we would often be allowed take our bikes. Fast forward a few years and I now often bring my children here. It’s a beautiful woods at all times of the year, withContinue reading “Cycling Clowes Wood”

Evening beach walks

Strolling the beach in the evening ❤️ Remember that the beach is not just for the day time. When so many of us are cooped up in offices working all day it’s no wonder so may of us end up with anxiety or mental health issues. I know it’s easy to just go home, sortContinue reading “Evening beach walks”

Sandwich Bay

For some going to Sandwich Bay is something they wouldn’t consider as there is a toll charge for getting to the main bay by car. The current charge is £7 and they state: ”Residential Areas and Beach closed 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.” For us this is more than adequate. TheContinue reading “Sandwich Bay”

Rhinog Fawr National Nature Reserve Wales

We often just look at a map, choose a location and set off to explore. I can highly recommend this way of exploring. We never know what we will find, how the landscape will look and generally it’s quiet. Recently we went to visit family in North Wales and took off to discover the beautifulContinue reading “Rhinog Fawr National Nature Reserve Wales”