Richmond Park London

Exploring Richmond Park with the family. It’s unbelievable really that it’s only 10 miles Central London and covers 2500 acres. This week I have been stepping up how much I walk and exercise to get into a steady routine built into my everyday life. I want to be as fit and as focused as IContinue reading “Richmond Park London”

How far?

Things often seem so far away, unreachable and unachievable. The reality is often it’s not that far, it’s perfectly in reach and can be achieved. Give yourself a chance, try and you will be surprised how far you already are. #achieve #distance

Tuesday Thoughts

Sometimes you have to do things as others don’t understand. Even when you have explained sometimes people still don’t get it. And quite often it’s much better done by you anyway. I use my escape of the beautiful outdoors to release the stress from inside.