Richmond Park London

Exploring Richmond Park with the family.

It’s unbelievable really that it’s only 10 miles Central London and covers 2500 acres.

This week I have been stepping up how much I walk and exercise to get into a steady routine built into my everyday life. I want to be as fit and as focused as I possibly can for my trek up Kilimanjaro for Child Bereavement UK.

Truth be told I have been frightened of days like this ‘family days’ and being happy. It was after a family morning out that my husband got ‘the call’ the one thing you never want to have ‘there’s been a car accident and Asten’s been airlifted to hospital’. Even at that moment I never thought it was going to be as bad as it turned out. Since then whilst we have days out I am always worried about being too happy of letting myself be completely relaxed. But I am getting there knowing that I cannot change what happened and I can live my life with those still around me making the days we have as happy as I can. This is the unseen mental health journey of grief. To make a donation to my trek for Child Bereavement UK please donate here.

Parking was free and plentiful today at Roehampton Gate. We picked this gate as bikes could be hired here. Perfect place to explore safely with the family.


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