Create Balance

I am a firm believer in balance in many ways in my life.

I try to make sure that everyday I spend time with my boys and husband chatting about the day we have had. I try to make sure that we get some time together as a whole family regularly and one on one time.

I try to make sure we have a varied diet and have treats occasionally. I believe that if we have some of the things we like (and maybe a bit naughty) our craving tends to go away and we enjoy it more too. I recently thought I didn’t have enough recipes that we could alternate so we don’t get bored with the food we eat. I surprised myself when I wrote down all the different meals I can make 30+, still love to try new making new things though. I think that so many times my Dad cooked the same meals (they were lovely) it’s made me conscious to have lots of variety (sometimes to much, when I cook 3 different meals to make everyone happy)!

I have learnt that a job is not everything and that you must be happy in the job you do. I believe that most people will not enjoy absolutely everything in their job, there is always the things we would rather leave as long as we possibly can. I believe if you can do a job your passionate about and it will be, challenging, rewarding, testing, make you happy, make you frustrated…..the list is goes on.

The most important thing for me is to remember that balance is not easy, balance is a skill we learn. We balance so many things in our lives and so often we forget how dam good so many of us are at doing it. Take a moment to think what you have balanced in you life today.

Some family time exploring the villages near Canterbury.


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