What a week

How lucky am I to have these two amazing boys? They make me proud every single day ❤️

It’s been a busy week of school, work, grief and injury in our household this week.

I received 3 calls from the school this week and I cried once, was understanding on another and worried in the last.

One concerned a young boy who decided it was appropriate to first use vial language about a girl in his year, then it was targeted at my son’s oldest sister. The young boy claimed not to know that my sons eldest sister died, well true or not the language was so foul it would make anyone’s skin crawl. I am lucky that my son conduced himself with dignity and that he has a large group of good friends that supported him. It showed that many don’t believe that the language used or the behaviour of this boy is acceptable. And I thank my eldest son for supporting his younger brother.

Secondly a call about one of my son’s not concentrating in class due to being distracted by friends. The teacher also teaches my other son and said that she was so happy and impressed with his dedication and work ethic already this year. The son who has been distracted agreed and said the teacher was fair in what had been said and that it wasn’t good enough ‘I know it’s not acceptable and I’m sorry, I will make sure I will concentrate in class and put all my effort into my work’.

Lastly call saying ‘Evyn has been in an accident and we think he needs to be seen in a&e – we think he might have dislocated or broken his thumb’. So jumping in the car, cancelling meetings and a visit to minor injuries later we were on our way home. Luckily just soft tissue damage so strapped up and told to keep in for the next few days.

All this as well as the standard work week fun.

My boys are a credit to me, they understand right and wrong, they accept when they are not trying their best and act to put it right and I am one lucky mum. The only one thing I would ask is that they try not to injure themselves and send my heart into meltdown!

Oh and we are only on Thursday! Happy parenting one and all.


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