Been working hard to get this smile back.

So I’m guilty of it, posting Instagram pictures showing what I want everyone to see: a happy me.

My world is a constant rollercoaster of emotions, working most of the week and doing the family chores the rest of the week.

My life is in no way perfect and although pictures of me may often be smiling and happy, this hasn’t been the norm.

I have worked hard to work though my emotions, what I have felt as failures and not being enough.

However if you have read my words over the past couple of years you will know that it hasn’t always been easy. Take a moment to read the words below an image as many of them tell great stories. Xx


Published by Tamsin Jones

Life is a journey, treasure it..... #myadventure 🇬🇧 Working Mum & Wife My passion is to explore

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