Think twice this Christmas

You know Christmas for me is a time that we try and spend time with people we care about. It’s not about the gifts, it about how we treat each other a gift will never change behaviour.

This year one of my friends really wanted to loose weight and give up smoking and you know what she smashed it. One day when I was going round to see her I took her the biggest bunch of flowers I could find. The smile on her face was priceless, but you know she did it and I wanted to show her then how much she had achieved then, I didn’t need to wait until Christmas to do something. And to be honest I won’t be buying her a gift for Christmas. Does this make me a bad person? Not in my eyes. I showed her how much she meant to me then the moment I handed her the flowers.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, opinions are personal so respect that. One size does not fit all.

Some people are alone and have no family for many reasons. Do you know your neighbours? Could you spare a few minutes for one that maybe alone? A card, a small plant or even a sweet treat.

Remember this Christmas not to look at other people’s pictures and compare what you have with them. The picture is a narrow snap shot of one single moment and may not be all it appears.

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Published by Tamsin Jones

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