Christmas Tree Adventure

When you see all these amazing Christmas films where families are going out to cut down their own tree and its in your dreams to one day do it. Well this year I took the family to ‘Pick our own Christmas Tree’. As we will be visiting family we decided that we wanted to dig the tree up and have it for our patio outside.

After trawling the internet I came across South London Christmas Tree Farm and it looked perfect you can choose a tree from their plantation and either cut or dig it yourselves. Ok, so we did need to take our own tools but that’s not a problem, so my husband took to the shed and got us a spade, fork and a mattock ⚒.

As the 1st December was a Saturday this lent it self to the perfect day for our ‘Christmas Tree Expedition’. We had to take two cars so that we could fit the tree in, so we set off to find our tree. It was about a 40 minute drive from our house and as my son and I pulled up it looked perfect, we then sat and waited for my husband and other son to arrive. After 20 minutes and a snap chat later it transpired that my husband and son had arrived at a different ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ 16 minutes away! After providing them with the post code (I had showed him the website but miscommunication somehow left us at different locations)!

Once we were all together we went in to chat with the staff and enquire where we needed to go, they were super helpful and really nice. We set off for the field to find our tree.

There were numbered lots and we headed for lot three after the advice from the staff. Nearly immediately we all spotted a tree that we loved but thought it was too soon and we should walk a little further. Our youngest then decided that some of the beautiful 7ft + trees would be much nicer…..i don’t think so! We decided that the first tree we saw was the one for us and headed back to start the task of digging it out.

Tip – dig around the base a good couple of ft as this will make it easier to get the root out and should give you a good chance of the tree surviving.

We got caked in mud and had great fun digging the tree 🌲 and it came out perfectly. Again if you wish to cut take a wood saw, this should be less messy and quicker – I would still advise welly boots and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

The children carried our beautiful tree to the barn for them to tell us the ££ and nicely wrap the tree so we could get it in the car. So for £50 we got our tree, a wreath and some amazing memories.

We also took a trip to Homebase to get our tree a pot so we could plant and display on our patio.

The next day whilst I was food shopping (I get all the glamorous jobs) the boys planted the tree. We had ordered lights earlier that week from lights4fun that arrived on the Sunday – fab service and quick delivery, which I was then tasked with putting on the tree.

This was such an amazing experience and relatively cost effective compared to a lot of Christmas activities and we will definitely be doing it again next year. So if you looking for something a little different why not give this a go.


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