Words are like a game of scrabble you need to be clever how you use them.

The way in which we say things can have a lasting effect on someone. Words are powerful. I am sure if you think for a few moments you could think of several famous quotes. And that If you are put in a certain place or with particular people there are words you will remember being spoken, these being happy or sad.

It’s in our nature to record these moments and then recall them when we are in a particular situation.

Unfortunately there are many words that we find hard to file away quickly so we can move on.

With social media in our world and a faceless culture of texting and emails I feel emotions are being removed from words. We created our amazing languages to communicate in an effective way, let’s not forget to use them wisely.


Published by Tamsin Jones

Life is a journey, treasure it..... #myadventure 🇬🇧 Working Mum & Wife My passion is to explore

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