Kew Gardens

I had always wanted to visit Kew Gardens and finally I managed to get there. I went with my Mum, Aunty, Sister in Law and Cousin. It was my sister in laws birthday so I packed a small cake and some prosecco to celebrate and just crossed my fingers that it would survive the train ride. 

When we arrived at just after 10am the queue was small; I had a 2 for 1 card so I used this to save on the entry price. The 2 for 1 card is from the Gardeners World Magazine (May issue) and comes with a guide of all the places its valid; these run out fast in the shops so you may have to do a little searching or ask your newsagent to get one in for you.

Currently there is a glass art exhibition throughout the gardens and as soon as you enter after the admission booths you will see a beautiful glass sculpture. I have to say that the glass art was a real highlight so beautifully integrated into the gardens. 

At first we decided to opt for the large glass houses as it was a little chilly and we wanted to warm up a little. We certainly did, it was humid and the plants were stunning. As we walked through the plan house you could feel the change in the temperatures as you moved through different world zones. 

There are multiple indoor sections around the grounds including the temperate house, Kew Palace and the kitchens. 

There was a fantastic looking children’s play area that was due to open in May, the only problem I can see with this is that the children may not want to leave. 

We stopped for lunch at The Victoria Gate Cafe, it was absolutely packed and the queuing/food ordering system was chaotic. We managed to grab a table inside but we were one of the lucky ones. Overall the price and quality of the food was good and we all enjoyed our lunch.

We stopped later in the afternoon for the birthday cake and Prosecco which survived the journey very well. There were plenty of places to have a picnic or just take a seat around the gardens.

I can honestly say that there is so much to see that to see it all in one day is asking a lot, we did a great job clocking over 10 miles whilst we were there. 

I would highly recommend at least one trip to Kew Gardens, I know that I would like to go back again later this year and I know that they do a light show a Christmas in which is on my list of things to do. 



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