Weekly reflection

Sunday night is here once again and tomorrow brings me another week of the day job.

Reflecting back on my plans for last week and this is how they went:

* I made time for me most days, sometimes it was much easier than others. A few things I did for me were, a walk, read a book, had a facial (done by myself at home) and baked scones.

* Children are currently not zombies but they have been trying to convince me for extra Xbox time at all points of the day every day.

* As the boys had friends over their rooms were very tidy without any nagging. However I still cannot understand that washing ends up next to the washing bin and not in it?!

* Children made pizza and cooked brownies for tea. We did have a code red when a glass bowl containing molten liquid smashed and plastered most of our bright white kitchen with chocolate. Accidents happen and after I cleared it all up they finished making the brownies. It was very nice when we got to eat it 😜. And they did enjoy themselves so they can cook again!

* We decided to have a weekend at home and spend time with friends. This gave us a chance to recharge our batteries and enjoy our beautiful home.

How was your week?


Published by Tamsin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Weekly reflection

  1. My wedding dress came in Tuesday and I was able to take the day off Friday to go get it fitted – only the straps need to be taken in. I lucked out big time! But, that meant I got an extended weekend that I really needed. I was super tired and cranky last week. The budget is just an out of control list of things to buy that keeps growing. I’m not sure if I stuck to everything I said I was going to do last week, but I got some me time and family time, so it counts.

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    1. 👰🏼 that’s so exciting, having just got married I understand the cost situation and I will write a blog post soon about it. Remember the day is ultimately for you and your husband to be so when you do anything think what difference it will make to you. Sounds like you had quite an exciting week and you also got you time and family time. #winning 💕

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