Just another week

It’s been a crazy week, I had originally planned annual leave but unfortunately had to change it. I thought that as everyone knew I was meant to be away that I could plough through a lot of work and do a load of admin that has built up. It started well but by the end of the week I was driving around to meetings again; don’t get me wrong the meetings I attended were well worth attending however I haven’t managed to get all the admin I hope to finished πŸ˜”.

And looking at the diary for next week it looks like I will not have a minute to spare for what I would like to get done; note to self I can only do what I can and that’s why I prioritise daily what needs to be completed. βœ…

My work is fast paced, challenging and complex. I often need to take a look at what I have done and achieved to remind myself that I have done more than many do.

Then when I get home from work and as the boys are on summer holidays I get a barrage of:

‘Mum can I do ……’ ‘What are we having for tea?’ ‘How long until dinner’ ‘I’ve been looking and can I have this game?’ ‘Can we go see grandad?’ ‘Can you please wash my bedding as I have friends coming over’

Sometimes I don’t think they draw breath between questions! Then I have to remember to answer them all or give instructions as to what they can do to help with what they want:

‘Not right now, Pizza πŸ• your cooking remember? And don’t forget you wanted to do brownies too, I did leave the bits on the side so you could have made them today whilst I was out. Your cooking so whenever you would like your tea. I will look at the game later and we aren’t going to grandads tonight sorry. If you get your bedding I will wash it now and put a clean set on for you in a bit.’

Now I can put my bag down and try to escape upstairs to get changed!

The thing is as a working parent it’s hard to get the right balance in the summer holidays. The children are older now so most things, when I am around, are uncool, too boring or just too much like hard work for them. They do miss you though and you know inside that they would just like you around to taxi πŸš• them about or as a sounding board for their questions or woes.

I try to make sure they have something to do every day; it doesn’t have to be big but just something to get them up out of bed and off their Xbox’s!

So today after a late one with friends last night, we didn’t do a lot other than, sleep, watch tv, read and layabout together πŸ˜πŸ›πŸ›‹πŸ“šπŸ’―πŸ’€


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