Things to do this week

Here is a few things that I will be doing this week:

* Making a little time for myself every day – walking, yoga, read my book…….the possibilities are endless but time will be limited so I will use it wisely.

* Trying not to let the boys Xbox turn them into zombies – trying to get that healthy balance this summer holidays will be a fun game in itself!

* Not letting nonsense things annoy me – the boys bedrooms can be as messy as they wish all week as it’s the holidays!

* Getting the children to cook one family meal – this could be interesting.

* Planning our weekend adventures – mediation may be required as the family will all have their opinion.

What things do you want to do this week? Set yourself a few small things that aren’t your everyday chores and share them with me and let’s see how we get on.


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2 thoughts on “Things to do this week

  1. *Continue to watch really old movies that I LOVE and haven’t seen in what seems like forever – been doing all weekend
    *Try to make the older pup feel more included – the new pup is so high strung it can get complicated
    *Do the dishes 50% of the week instead of 30% – fiance’ mostly takes care of them, i’m terrible!
    *Hopefully get sized for my wedding dress as long as it arrives this week
    *Lunch date this weekend with my future hubby plus my nails and his haircut

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