Monopoly Lifesized – London

As a part of a family weekend, we visited Monopoly Lifesized, and this is what we thought.

We had good fun and played on the city board but…

Price for six was £307 and we discussed at the end and decided it was expensive for what it was. In total there were four teams of six so 24 people in the room with four staff for the entire game. If you were a group of less than six you may be put with another group. Each team had a playing piece, our playing piece was great throughout the game. Some rooms were small and tight for 6 adults standing. The game lasted 90 minutes and we were kept busy the entire time. We did really well (we won) but some families with young children didn’t do so well with winning properties by completing the activities set. Some of the tasks would have been too high up for smaller children to read and complete.

The decor was great, and the game could be absolutely amazing if some adjustments were made.

The prize for winning was £5 to spend on pictures only, they take the pictures and are £20+, this seems a little pathetic and tight considering the cost and we didn’t use it.

Staff on entry and in the shop were ok but I felt like just a number to them and that they just wanted us in and out, a real shame as the characters were brilliant.

I booked a table at the Top Hat the restaurant and bar and I spent £57 for, 3 Pepsi, 2 cocktails, a glass of champagne and a red bull.

It was good fun we just felt it was expensive for what it was, and I was then sent a link to get 25% off my next visit the day after we visited!


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