Summer Day Out Exploring Wingham Wildlife Park

Looking for a family fun day out? Then why not head to Wingham Wildlife Park

Wingham Wildlife Park is a fantastic family run park that house the largest number of animal species out of all wildlife parks and zoos in Kent. It is packed full of beautiful animals from Moon bears giraffes, chimps, meerkats, tigers and even some very exclusive dinosaurs.  

Choose to either picnic at one of the many picnic tables provided at the park or grab a treat in the café. With one café at the entrance to the park and the other located with the indoor play area.

It’s very hard to choose a favorite part but I do love the giraffes, they are just beautiful.

If you’re looking for that something extra special then you could book an animal experience or a VIP guided tour.

With an excellent indoor play area and an expanding outdoor play area, a season ticket is great for you to keep the children entertained all year round. 

It’s a wonderful place to take a visit on your own, with your family or maybe as a couple or with friends, no matter who you visit with you will not be disappointed. 

With the whole park having step free access it’s a great place for everyone to enjoy.

My top tip would be to go early and spend the whole day immersed in this truly brilliant wildlife park. 

Interesting note: The wildlife park had fantastic local support during COVID-19 from people purchasing off the Amazon wish list, they were really overwhelmed with the support from people. Keepers hosted many Facebook lives that were just truly wonderful when so many people could not leave their homes. Let’s remember people’s kindness during COVID-19 didn’t keep the money rolling in the bank and they will need support to keep their amazing wildlife Park going and I can tell you is worth every single penny for a visit or maybe two or three. 


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