Family Adventure to Abu Dhabi

As a family we embarked on a trip to Abu Dhabi and what an amazing time we had. We tried the POD parking at London Heathrow and I can honestly say it was brilliant. It was easy to find the car park and finding a parking space was no problem. Arriving at the POD station there were PODs ready and waiting to take us to terminal 5. We loved this self-driven POD and the mini tour we got of the airport (around a 5 minute ride).

After checking in our bags we had breakfast at Huxleys Restaurant & Bar where they were friendly, and our food was served quickly. Food was very nice and we would defiantly go back.

Taking just under 7 hours from London Heathrow we flew with British Airways but the flight was provided by Air Belgium. The male dominant crew on the way to Abu Dhabi was brilliant however the crew on the way home were not so good – we were served our food and then 3 minutes later has this removed because we were preparing for landing. I think that one of the stewardesses was training and the other one was just not supportive of her so therefore she took too long serving the breakfast. Shame as overall I had been very impressed with Air Belgium.

We only had a short break Wednesday to Monday as I have limited annual leave remaining.

We stayed at a lovely apartment on Al Maryah Island, a great location for all we had planned.

On our first day we visited Warner Brothers World Abu Dhabi this was a great day. Warner Brothers World is all inside with the car parking located close by and only a few minutes’ walk. Our children are older we could do all the rides and our favorite was the green lantern which we went on several times. Waiting times were minimal around 10 minutes max; however I imagine queues could be much longer; we chose to go on a work/school day.

The next day we went Kayaking around the Mangroves at the Mangrove National Park. We had fun exploring the National Park seeing lots of nature along the way.

That evening we went to the fish market where we chose our shrimp and squid (you can literally choose what ever sea food you like). We then went and choose a place (in the same building) to have the fish prepared and cooked before returning to the apartment to eat our feast.

On our third day we went in search of some sand dunes, and we found endless dunes. It was very hot so we didn’t stay too long. I would recommend a sand dune experience if you have not done one before; there are many to choose from.

We visited several Shopping Malls and believe me they are huge, they have many of the shops we have in the UK and many more. There is also a huge amount of restaurants and fast food that you can visit; we visited quite a few including Baskin Robins, McDonald’s, Hardee’s and much more!

One evening we went to Yas Race Circuit and had food at Johnny Rockets, the food was brilliant and we had a view over the race track. We were lucky enough to see cars racing that evening with a selection of BMW’s and then McLaren’s. There is a great short walk around Yas Marina that you can see yachts and the race circuit.  It was a fab evening and I would recommend visiting there at least once.

On our last day we went to Water World this was a brilliant day in which we conquered many fears with the insane slides that this water park offers. The park was beautifully clean, there were short waits for slides around 5 minutes (again we went on a work/school day).

We had an amazing time, the weather for us was nice, and it’s still very hot 37 degrees most days falling to 29 degrees at night. Everywhere we went had good air conditioning and we generally stayed out of the direct sun at the hottest point of the day.

Tip: In Abu Dhabi the weekend is Friday and Saturday which is worth noting when planning your visit.

Tip: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a truly wonderful place too and definitely worth a visit.

Tip: Get an Entertainer as this will save you money when you visit attractions and places to eat.

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Happy planning and adventuring everyone.


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