Lunar Eclipse and The Blood Moon

As an complete amateur to astronomy I have little that Information how a blood moon is created but here is how I understand it.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth sits between the sun and the moon placing a shadow on the moon – this can in turn make the moon appear red hence the name ’blood moon’. This does not happen regularly as all elements have to be precisely aligned. Today’s lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa and Asia.

My advice – you don’t have to be an expert to experience this wonder of the sky and you don’t have to be an expert photographer. Just look above you with those that you love and watch as it will be etched in your mind forever more.

And ultimately don’t be disappointed if the pictures that you take on your phone or camera are not like the ones in the papers or other peoples online – for these pictures many have specialist equipment and it’s their passion. has more information on today’s blood moon.

Please note this is not my own photo 😋.


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