Bakewell Pudding or Bakewell Tart

The 17th century creation of the Bakewell Pudding was an accident when an order for a strawberry tart was mixed up by the cook when she spread of a layer of jam and then placed the egg mixture into the pastry before cooking. The mix up ended up being a huge success with a local entrepreneur acquiring the original recipe in order to commence a business of her own.

Mrs Wilson set up The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop and you can still visit and taste the amazing Bakewell Pudding today, why not take a seat at the restaurant, take one away or even receive one in the post.

Bakewell Tarts a variation on the pudding were a later 20th century creation. The pudding a buttery puff pastry case, topped with a layer of seedless strawberry jam and finished with a soft set custard of eggs, sugar and almonds against that of the tart with its sweet shortcrust pastry, layered with seedless strawberry jam, a pale fluffy frangipane sponge filling of eggs, almonds and sugar and finished with a layer of white fondant icing and half a glace cherry. The Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart would be the image many people have of a Bakewell Tart with many variations are now in existence, lemon, chocolate and too many more to list here. But trust me there are many fabulous ones available from so many other places.

So are you team Bakewell Pudding or Bakewell


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