Simpson’s Wine Estate

Simpsons’ wine estate have two vineyards nestled in the North Downs that produce delicious still and sparkling wines.

We completed their weekend vineyard and winery tour and tasting experience and I would highly recommend it.

With covid restrictions in place across England they have provided excellent facilities to accommodate their tours. With hand sanitiser station at the front of the building and an impressive area which was set up for the wine tasting.

Once everyone had arrived our hosts Henry and Sylvia took us on the short walk to one of their nearby vineyards, walking through the beautiful churchyard of St John’s and a few of the beautiful village lanes of Barham you come to one of the two of Simpsons Vineyards.

Henry explained a vast amount about the history of Simpsons and the vineyard in an eloquent way and was excellent at ensuring everyone heard what he was saying. Both Henry and Sylvia answered the questions asked by the group and provided comprehensive answers.

We spent an enjoyable amount of time out exploring and then headed back to the winery to undertake the wine tasting.

Wine tasting was in the ‘media barn’ which is used to host media events (tasting is normally inside the building). Tables were set out with tablecloth’s, glasses, flowers, breadsticks, water and an information pack. Perfect set up for the current circumstances.

As each wine was poured by Sylvia, Henry discussed the wine. We placed little hearts by on the information sheet to show which wines we liked the most. We were both delighted with how delicious the wines were.

There was no pressure to purchase wines they spoke for themselves and we purchased several bottles to enjoy at home.

The experience started at 10:30 and finished at 13:15 and ran spot on time. A great experience showcasing English wines at their finest.

Don’t forget to scan your NHS Covid app to register where you have been.

You can order Simpsons wine and book experiences online including their sunset sessions.

P.S. My favourite was the Canterbury Rose Sparkling Rosé 2018

Aged for 15 months on lees, Canterbury Rose is delicately pink with a fine mousse and a soft bouquet of rose petal and strawberry sorbet. A creamy, rounded texture is balanced with crisp berry flavors and a refined finish.


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