New favourite day

Any day spent with you is my favourite day. So today is my new favourite day. – Winnie the Pooh – My beautiful baby boy 👦🏼 is growing into a handsome young man. I treasure each and every day that I have with you ❤️ On this adventure we were back in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 supportingContinue reading “New favourite day”


Dreams don’t work unless you do – John C. Maxwell I do what I do because in my mind I have dreams. Dreams of what I would like to be, do, have and achieve. I dreamed that I would have a home for my family. As a family we worked hard to build and renovateContinue reading “Dreams”

Watching the sunset

This evening as I pulled into the car park at Herne Bay sea front the sun was setting, I saw my friend that I hadn’t seen in person for so long. I pulled in to a space near by opened the door, jumped out and hugged her, my heart full of happiness. We went toContinue reading “Watching the sunset”

Wednesday Wisdom

Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness. -Sri Chinmoy- Spending time with my Mum is one of my favourite things, I wish that I could spend more time with her. This summer we spent time together on a family mini break to Arundel, this picture is from when we were walking WestContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom”

First Look

I love it when I’m exploring places that I don’t know – what’s around the corner – what’s through the trees – what’s the other side of the building. We should embrace the unknown in every aspect of our life as we will encounter so much of it all through our lives. #TuesdayThoughts 📷 :Continue reading “First Look”

Cycling Clowes Wood

Since I was young I was always taken to Clowes Wood, we would take our family dogs down whilst our parents would walk we would often be allowed take our bikes. Fast forward a few years and I now often bring my children here. It’s a beautiful woods at all times of the year, withContinue reading “Cycling Clowes Wood”

Why am I blogging?

So I took the plunge and I am going to give this blogging world a proper trail. Why am I here? After my life changed in an instant last year my mind was altered and I decided that I would do what made me happy for ever more. It’s not that simple though, money doesn’tContinue reading “Why am I blogging?”