The Rope Walk

Was a beautiful day in Sandwich today. As I walked along the rope walk this morning my mind in a place of rest and relaxation. And I can tell you it’s been a while since I have felt this relaxed, getting outside really does help you mind release stress.

Get Outside

I encourage everyone to get outside for a part of their day every day. Even when the rain is pouring put on your coat and take a moment to feel the fresh air. Taking moments for you is key to looking after yourself.


With my youngest having to make decisions about his GCSE options it’s time for him to choose things he will enjoy and get him on his way to a positive future. I will support you all my life, I will help guide you in how to get to what you would like to do andContinue reading “Choices”


‘I don’t want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting.’ For so long the world has been taken for granted, we have put in place things to ‘protect’ it but we need to make people protect it without thinking. By exploring this world I have becomeContinue reading “Protection”


Watching Harry Potter on @itv2 and reminiscing about @wbtourlondon visit from 2015, take me back. #throwback I have to say each time we have been it’s been fantastic but 2015 was definitely my favourite. So much there we must visit again soon.

New Year

I would like to wish everyone of you a happy and healthy 2019. Although we have entered a new year you are still YOU. Make sure you focus more on yourself this year – a happy person makes other things come naturally. Don’t compare yourself to others, enjoy following or watching others that are happyContinue reading “New Year”


If you find the confidence in yourself you will progress so much further. 😊 As a person I am fairly confident in many things that I do. I believe I am this way because I like to make sure that I understand what I am talking about. I research what I want to know andContinue reading “Confidence”

Monday Motivation

I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves. – Louise Hay – Whilst I love Autumn I am not a fan of the shorter days and after working all day, then getting home I have missed the day light to get outside and do something for myself. Therefore IContinue reading “Monday Motivation”