Beach day

With the sun shining we decide today is a beach day. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful beaches on our door step. #Kent #beach #summerholidays2018 #familyexploring #adventures #myadventure

Why am I blogging?

So I took the plunge and I am going to give this blogging world a proper trail. Why am I here?

After my life changed in an instant last year my mind was altered and I decided that I would do what made me happy for ever more. It’s not that simple though, money doesn’t just hit my bank account for me to spend as I wish I need to work. But there it is I need to do something but how I choose to do it is up to me. In my blog I plan to tell whoever wishes to read, my thoughts, my reasoning, my chaotic life and I invite you to remember that sometimes we need to sit alone for a minute and reflect what do I want from my life and how could I go about getting that – for ultimately we are responsible for our fate and if we do but try we should be proud. Look back at what we have achieved no matter how small as each win will bring you to the place that you wish.

My main passion is my family, to travel, to explore and find the different and not be normal but just be me. Link in the bio. #blogger #findyourepic #summerholidays2018 #adventures #nature #maps #familyexploringideas #beproudofyourself


Rhinog Fawr National Nature Reserve Wales

We often just look at a map, choose a location and set off to explore. I can highly recommend this way of exploring. We never know what we will find, how the landscape will look and generally it’s quiet. Recently we went to visit family in North Wales and took off to discover the beautiful country once again.

For this walk we ventured towards Dolgellau took the long single track road towards Rhinog Fawr National Nature Reserve (this is not sign posted). At the end of the road you pass through a metal gate into the car park. There is limited parking, I would suggest 6 cars – this is lovely as generally it would mean less walkers around.

There is a sign with details of walks and a clear marked route throughout the reserve however we used our Ordnance Survey Explorer Map OL 18 and the OS App.

Our walk took us mainly through the forest and slightly into the nature reserve. Terrain is good mainly laid path and there are steps up towards the waterfall. As we entered the nature reserve the path was narrower and it was less sturdy under foot but still not that challenging.

We did enjoy the waterfall, it’s small and the most challenging part was getting down and up – this could be slippery if it’s been raining. We walked the route after there had been a few weeks of hot weather and on a dry day – it was slightly slippery under foot but we just took it easy. One of the boys went for a dip in the water and whilst the water is clear the rocks are covered in a peat silt so are slippery and very dirty when disturbed. As always I recommend being really careful in and around water with everyone in your group.

Our route took about 2 hours and we covered just over 7km, this was at a relatively slow pace with a couple of stops to admire the view and have a drink/snack.

There is lots more to see and do in this location and we will be heading back to venture towards the Roman Steps.

Overall a pleasant walk, with lots of options of length and difficulty providing a good option for families.

Car Park Location

What’s a birthday?

14 years ago today I had just given birth to my first son and whilst today we celebrate this wonderful young mans life it didn’t quite start as planned. Over excitement meant that we were all still chattering at 0:36 and after turning off Evyn’s fan I put my foot down and said it’s time to sleep now.

This morning as I heard the excited chattering start and loud walking about I decided to be a little cheeky and have a lie in. Eventually the noise grew louder and I knew I would not be able to hold out any longer and I got out of bed and went downstairs. As I walked in the kitchen Bryn shouts ‘Mum Evyn’s being sick’ 🤢 as Evyn tries to get up the stairs to the bathroom he fails being sick yet again – this is the first time that Evyn has ever been sick on the floor as he has always managed to get to the toilet or grab a blanket/bowl. My heart sinks as the eldest was looking forward to a fun filled day of birthday celebrations he is now offering to clear up sick after his brother.

Once we have all sorted Evyn back to the birthday celebrations as his dad and I hang the banners and wrap the last present.

Calling the birthday boy he comes into the kitchen and sits at the breakfast bar where as a family we all watch this teenager with attitude (attitude was gone whilst the crisis earlier was happening) opens his cards and presents. Thanking people not in the room for the things he received the birthday excitement was back.

I then had to explain that we had to change our plans and he took this well. Off he went to sort out his morning as I had to get ready to attend a hospital appointment. Soon back and upstairs beaming Bryn is happy that he is able to take his very sweet and funny friend with him shopping whilst I am at the hospital.

Dropped off with his birthday money and his friend at the local shopping centre I am now sitting here waiting for the appointment; where I am sure that the consultant will be happy with my shoulder injury progress and set me on my way. I hope that that is the last I will see of him – not that I dislike him but that I really would rather not be here feeling like I am wasting time for him when there are other people that need our NHS services more. However I know I have to be compliant and listen to my treatment so that I am able to continue my life as fit and able as I was before I came off my bike. Once I leave here let’s see what life throws at me next……..

14 years and counting

This young boy has travelled though this world with me for the last 14 years, there have been amazing highs and extreme lows. Through this he is growing into the most wonderful young man (currently the teenage rebellion is very entertaining). I love you with all my heart and soul forever and ever. Happy birthday my beautiful young man🎂 💕🎊 This picture was when a friend and I took Bryn to New York in February 2005. It was an amazing story that I will share at another time.

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