Weekly reflection

Sunday night is here once again and tomorrow brings me another week of the day job.

Reflecting back on my plans for last week and this is how they went:

* I made time for me most days, sometimes it was much easier than others. A few things I did for me were, a walk, read a book, had a facial (done by myself at home) and baked scones.

* Children are currently not zombies but they have been trying to convince me for extra Xbox time at all points of the day every day.

* As the boys had friends over their rooms were very tidy without any nagging. However I still cannot understand that washing ends up next to the washing bin and not in it?!

* Children made pizza and cooked brownies for tea. We did have a code red when a glass bowl containing molten liquid smashed and plastered most of our bright white kitchen with chocolate. Accidents happen and after I cleared it all up they finished making the brownies. It was very nice when we got to eat it 😜. And they did enjoy themselves so they can cook again!

* We decided to have a weekend at home and spend time with friends. This gave us a chance to recharge our batteries and enjoy our beautiful home.

How was your week?

Just another week

It’s been a crazy week, I had originally planned annual leave but unfortunately had to change it. I thought that as everyone knew I was meant to be away that I could plough through a lot of work and do a load of admin that has built up. It started well but by the end of the week I was driving around to meetings again; don’t get me wrong the meetings I attended were well worth attending however I haven’t managed to get all the admin I hope to finished 😔.

And looking at the diary for next week it looks like I will not have a minute to spare for what I would like to get done; note to self I can only do what I can and that’s why I prioritise daily what needs to be completed. ✅

My work is fast paced, challenging and complex. I often need to take a look at what I have done and achieved to remind myself that I have done more than many do.

Then when I get home from work and as the boys are on summer holidays I get a barrage of:

‘Mum can I do ……’ ‘What are we having for tea?’ ‘How long until dinner’ ‘I’ve been looking and can I have this game?’ ‘Can we go see grandad?’ ‘Can you please wash my bedding as I have friends coming over’

Sometimes I don’t think they draw breath between questions! Then I have to remember to answer them all or give instructions as to what they can do to help with what they want:

‘Not right now, Pizza 🍕 your cooking remember? And don’t forget you wanted to do brownies too, I did leave the bits on the side so you could have made them today whilst I was out. Your cooking so whenever you would like your tea. I will look at the game later and we aren’t going to grandads tonight sorry. If you get your bedding I will wash it now and put a clean set on for you in a bit.’

Now I can put my bag down and try to escape upstairs to get changed!

The thing is as a working parent it’s hard to get the right balance in the summer holidays. The children are older now so most things, when I am around, are uncool, too boring or just too much like hard work for them. They do miss you though and you know inside that they would just like you around to taxi 🚕 them about or as a sounding board for their questions or woes.

I try to make sure they have something to do every day; it doesn’t have to be big but just something to get them up out of bed and off their Xbox’s!

So today after a late one with friends last night, we didn’t do a lot other than, sleep, watch tv, read and layabout together 😁🛏🛋📚💯💤

Wednesday Wisdom

”The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it” – Henry Ford

Life is about exploring but it’s not just about exploring the world it’s about exploring yourself as a person. From what I have experienced so far, it’s not easy, it’s not smooth and I don’t know if I will always want to do the same thing and that’s totally ok.

Things to do this week

Here is a few things that I will be doing this week:

* Making a little time for myself every day – walking, yoga, read my book…….the possibilities are endless but time will be limited so I will use it wisely.

* Trying not to let the boys Xbox turn them into zombies – trying to get that healthy balance this summer holidays will be a fun game in itself!

* Not letting nonsense things annoy me – the boys bedrooms can be as messy as they wish all week as it’s the holidays!

* Getting the children to cook one family meal – this could be interesting.

* Planning our weekend adventures – mediation may be required as the family will all have their opinion.

What things do you want to do this week? Set yourself a few small things that aren’t your everyday chores and share them with me and let’s see how we get on.

Sandwich Bay

For some going to Sandwich Bay is something they wouldn’t consider as there is a toll charge for getting to the main bay by car. The current charge is £7 and they state:

”Residential Areas and Beach closed 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.”

For us this is more than adequate. The charge can be paid at the toll booth or on the sandwich bay website. There is no parking charge once you are at the beach and there is plenty of space to choose from – I doubt that you would be unable to find a space.

This shingle beach is vast and well over a mile long meaning that you will get a generous space for you and your family to settle in for the day. You will need to remember to bring your own food and drink as there are no shops or a cafe. However there are toilets, although these could be a fair walk depending on where you parked.

We had a a great couple of days swimming in the sea, playing rounders and relaxing.

Parking OS Maps Location

Blackberry Picking

So many happy memories picking blackberries and they taste sooo good. #Blackberrypicking #myadventure #neverstopexploring #farmlife #countrylife #summerevenings

Lunar Eclipse and The Blood Moon

As an complete amateur to astronomy I have little that Information how a blood moon is created but here is how I understand it.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth sits between the sun and the moon placing a shadow on the moon – this can in turn make the moon appear red hence the name ’blood moon’. This does not happen regularly as all elements have to be precisely aligned. Today’s lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa and Asia.

My advice – you don’t have to be an expert to experience this wonder of the sky and you don’t have to be an expert photographer. Just look above you with those that you love and watch as it will be etched in your mind forever more.

And ultimately don’t be disappointed if the pictures that you take on your phone or camera are not like the ones in the papers or other peoples online – for these pictures many have specialist equipment and it’s their passion.

Space.com has more information on today’s blood moon.

Please note this is not my own photo 😋.

Step by step

Build the life you love. #myadventure #makeyourownpath #love #build #motivation #happiness #alwaysbelieve #neverstopexploring

Beach day

With the sun shining we decide today is a beach day. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful beaches on our door step. #Kent #beach #summerholidays2018 #familyexploring #adventures #myadventure

Why am I blogging?

So I took the plunge and I am going to give this blogging world a proper trail. Why am I here?

After my life changed in an instant last year my mind was altered and I decided that I would do what made me happy for ever more. It’s not that simple though, money doesn’t just hit my bank account for me to spend as I wish I need to work. But there it is I need to do something but how I choose to do it is up to me. In my blog I plan to tell whoever wishes to read, my thoughts, my reasoning, my chaotic life and I invite you to remember that sometimes we need to sit alone for a minute and reflect what do I want from my life and how could I go about getting that – for ultimately we are responsible for our fate and if we do but try we should be proud. Look back at what we have achieved no matter how small as each win will bring you to the place that you wish.

My main passion is my family, to travel, to explore and find the different and not be normal but just be me. Link in the bio. #blogger #findyourepic #summerholidays2018 #adventures #nature #maps #familyexploringideas #beproudofyourself

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