What does the country side offer?

Take a step outside and see what the country side offers.

An offer of peace and tranquillity, a place your mind can drift from the every day worries and thoughts.

At all times of the year new arrivals are greeted in the fields. Today seeing the baby calves in the field jumping and running about with not care in the world. It was so peaceful that you could hear them eating the grass. Simple but beautiful.


Making Time

Making sure that I spend time with my family doing the things they love 💕

Each of my children have grown into their own people and I love spending my time with them individually as well as together. I love to learn more about what they enjoy doing and trying to do it with them – not always as good as them or as quick!

I know that everyday they move forward in their lives and one day I will be in the background watching them. Don’t get me wrong I will still be in their lives but they will move on, they will do many things without me – that’s what happens as we move towards adult hood.

But I want them to know I will be there no matter what and I will try everything I possibly can for them always and forever.

Thursday Thoughts

If you don’t like something it’s ok, no explanation is needed.

Often we feel compelled to explain why we don’t like something to others, well we don’t. The person that we need to satisfy is ourselves and that’s it. #Simple

Wednesday Wisdom

‘To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant green hills is the most perfect refreshment’

Jane Austin

Cycling Clowes Wood

Since I was young I was always taken to Clowes Wood, we would take our family dogs down whilst our parents would walk we would often be allowed take our bikes.

Fast forward a few years and I now often bring my children here.

It’s a beautiful woods at all times of the year, with good clear paths.

This weekend just gone we took our bikes for my first proper bike ride since I had an accident whilst I was on a charity bike ride earlier this year. I was nervous I’m not going to lie, it’s been 12 weeks and I still have pain and have to sleep in an unusual position at night. So going through these familiar woodlands was a good place to start back at something I love so much.

The woods have the ‘crab and winkle way’ running through them. This means if you park at the woods you can choose to either ride into Canterbury or into Whitstable. We personally prefer going to Whitstable it’s a really wonderful seaside town.

Clowes Wood

Crab and Winkle Way

OS Map Location- Clowes Wood

Be a real life hero

What is a hero? For me a hero is someone that does something selfless, with no intention that they want anything in return. But that’s not quite true for what I did in early May last year.

I registered to be a blood stem cell donor with DKMS. I did this because I wanted someone to have a chance of finding a match and an opportunity to live their life longer and healthier. I did this to make me feel good, to know that I tried to help and in the hope that one day I could be someone’s hero.

Little did I know that I would lose my beautiful step daughter later that same month, unfortunately there was absolutely nothing that anyone could do to save her. No one could be her hero (believe me the NHS staff tried their absolute best and I am thankful for that).

For me registering to try and help someone has even more significance now, if I could save the heartache and unbelievable sadness that came into my world then I will be there in a second.

If you would like the chance to be that hero please register here.

On the outside things may appear structured and perfect – remember that the inside where you cannot see may not be so. #structure #positivity #perfect #mentalhealth #bethoughtful

An evening with friends

Another great evening with friends last night. Each year many of our neighbours have BBQs and invite us, it’s always amazing and we have some great nights. As we have been renovating our house I have always thought it was too messy to invite others. So that’s it it’s my turn to host an evening. I will pick a date now and send an invite out today. No matter if everything is not finished and perfectly how I would like.

Thursday Thoughts

This morning when I told my children to get ready, so I could drop them at their Nan’s both not knowing each other had said exactly the same thing ‘You look like Nan’.

For me this is an ultimate compliment, my Mum is a strong, caring, loving and wonderful person. She is selfless in so many ways and is always there to help when ever I need her.

* My parents separated when I was 7 and I lived with my Dad. I saw my Mum regularly although my Dad has always found it hard. I don’t think about it really, but I do look like my Mum and have we do have a lot in common when it comes to personality. Seeing me must be a constant reminder to my Dad of my Mum. And the real sad bit is that my Dad has never got over my Mum leaving, he will say ‘hi’ if he has to, but that’s it. If he knows she is about he will just not come to see me. And I have learnt over the years just to let it go and not to worry if that’s what he wants to do that’s his right.  *

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