Who am I?

I am not object and never will be.

I am a person, I am someone who has their own mind, I am not a possession, I am allowed to have a opinion, I can be me, I can be wrong and I do have feelings. 👊🏼

Something a bit different

‘Don’t be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know’.

I have never been a great fan of animal prints but I ❤️ this #leopard #leopardprint #somethingdifferent #nightout #fun #quote #blog #trysomethingnew

Arundel Lido

This beautiful lido is a must when visiting Arundel. We have previously attended the New Years day swim and it was great fun (a tad cold outside of the heated pool). They have a great selection of events and classes all times of the year.

Currently the changing rooms are cubicles outside, in my opinion this adds to the experience. There are three heated pools, the main pool, the entry pool and a beach style children’s pool.

There are drinks and snacks available. Surrounding the pool is grass and tress scattered with picnic tables and loungers – these will often go very quickly. I would suggest bringing a blanket/extra towels to use on the grass. There is also a grass field with a play area and goal for playing games.

There is public pay and display parking next to the lido, it’s easy walking distance if you are staying in Arundel itself.

Opening times & prices

OS Map Location

Wednesday Wisdom

‘You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all’.

👨‍🏫 Robin Williams – John Keating 🎥 Dead Poets Society

First Look

I love it when I’m exploring places that I don’t know – what’s around the corner – what’s through the trees – what’s the other side of the building. We should embrace the unknown in every aspect of our life as we will encounter so much of it all through our lives. #TuesdayThoughts

📷 : Evyn Jones (my youngest son).

Our minds

What haunts us most in life is the picture inside our head of how we believe it’s supposed to be. Our mind often is far from reality, live your life every day, the way you want to without worry it’s not good enough because it really is. 💕


When a passion becomes a reality it’s because you tried until you got there. So often other people think it’s just luck. However in reality there are hours of work that have been invested and never seen. Yesterday evening I attended an art exhibition as I fell in love with the paintings I saw on Instagram and wanted to see them in all their glory. Well I can tell you that I was not disappointed, they were brilliant. The dedication and energy that was put in by @sophieteaart and her team is truly inspirational. 🙌🏼

Sophie Tea Art Website

⬆️ This was a cake made by Totally Sugar London 😍 ⬆️

The chair that stood still

After an evening at the cinema my husband invited me to have a meal, he suggested the Italian next door. I smiled and politely said yes, walking there I suggested a couple of other restaurants in the vicinity as I wasn’t feeling the Italian vibe, however we ended up at inside awaiting a table. When a waitress saw us waiting at the door she hurried from the busy restaurant and greeted us. As she walked us to our table my heart sank, she placed the menus on a down and said she would be back to take our order.

I felt like I was frozen in time, my brain telling me you can’t take this chair it’s occupied it’s not mine to take. I pulled the chair slowly and after what felt an age I sat. I looked at my husband across the table and then to the menu thinking I really don’t know if I can do this. I looked at the chair diagonally from me, that’s my chair but I can’t sit there it’s not right I should sit facing my husband it’s just the two of us.

But that’s it I don’t want it to be just us, the last time we sat here it was as a family of five, and whilst as a number we can do that again as not all the children were there, that day’s combination could never happen again. My heart fell into a thousand million pieces, take me back to our last meal together our last moments of laughter and fun together.

So here I am broken and tears starting to roll down my face my husband concerned ‘what’s that matter’ and all I could manage was a mumbled ‘I will tell you when we get in the car later’.

It felt like an eternity sitting there and ironically the food was probably the best I had ever had!

But every moment I sat in the chair I replayed our last family meal, every word, every person’s food and drink. The people who had sat behind us – it had been one of my son’s football coaches and his family. And although at the time we were here last was happy, making plans for the future and chatting about rubbish it’s that pain that this has been taken away forever just a short time after that meal.

I miss you, I love you and your always in my heart no matter how small the pieces may shatter inside don’t ever think that the love gets less.

I’m honoured to have sat in your chair and I’m honoured to have been a part of your life. ❤️

What does the country side offer?

Take a step outside and see what the country side offers.

An offer of peace and tranquillity, a place your mind can drift from the every day worries and thoughts.

At all times of the year new arrivals are greeted in the fields. Today seeing the baby calves in the field jumping and running about with not care in the world. It was so peaceful that you could hear them eating the grass. Simple but beautiful.

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