It is what it is….

I am me, I am who I am, love me or hate me your choice. I do what I feel is right, I act the way I believe is right and ultimately life is what it is.

Why does so much effect our mental health? Why do most people care so much about material things and why do we feel responsible for things beyond our control? It is what it is.

There are things we can do, but so often things cannot happen instantly and we feel bad, but it is what it is.

Sometimes we should think it is what it is, but other times should think is this what it should be? Is this how it should be?


Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse

The day job – The thought of getting it right can be so overwhelming especially when it will effect people’s lives and jobs moving forward. Each step takes courage, each choice I make is taken with great consideration and I hope that my creativity inspires others to make a difference too.

I came across this sign when I was exploring the art trail during Arundel Festival, and I totally fell in love with it 😍

Wednesday Wisdom

Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness. -Sri Chinmoy-

Spending time with my Mum is one of my favourite things, I wish that I could spend more time with her. This summer we spent time together on a family mini break to Arundel, this picture is from when we were walking West Wittering Beach.

I love how independent she is, I thank her for all that she has taught me. I admire how she cares for me. I love how she supports me. I am so lucky 🍀 what an amazing mum I have ❤️👩‍👧

Family Time

The importance of family time cannot be underestimated. The memories that fill our minds never fade just merely filed and can be brought back in an instant.

White Cliffs of Dover National Trust


Remember there is no rewind button in life.

Remember that every day is precious.

Love always, there are many people that love you.

Don’t think about what limits you.

Try every day to be the person that everyone admires.

Building a home

This man completes all the DIY in our house 🏡 but more than just general DIY he has built the house in to OUR home. Today he was completing some finishing touches in our kitchen. Last year before Asten passed away, she commented on her Dad’s work ‘Not bad for an old man’! It’s a phrase we regularly use in our house now when a job has been completed. It make us smile every time and there is one thing for sure I’m so happy this old man is mine! Xxxxxxx

Who am I?

I am not object and never will be.

I am a person, I am someone who has their own mind, I am not a possession, I am allowed to have a opinion, I can be me, I can be wrong and I do have feelings. 👊🏼

Something a bit different

‘Don’t be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know’.

I have never been a great fan of animal prints but I ❤️ this #leopard #leopardprint #somethingdifferent #nightout #fun #quote #blog #trysomethingnew

Arundel Lido

This beautiful lido is a must when visiting Arundel. We have previously attended the New Years day swim and it was great fun (a tad cold outside of the heated pool). They have a great selection of events and classes all times of the year.

Currently the changing rooms are cubicles outside, in my opinion this adds to the experience. There are three heated pools, the main pool, the entry pool and a beach style children’s pool.

There are drinks and snacks available. Surrounding the pool is grass and tress scattered with picnic tables and loungers – these will often go very quickly. I would suggest bringing a blanket/extra towels to use on the grass. There is also a grass field with a play area and goal for playing games.

There is public pay and display parking next to the lido, it’s easy walking distance if you are staying in Arundel itself.

Opening times & prices

OS Map Location

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