Be true to you

’It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.’ – Hans F Hansen – The way you dress, your opinion, what you like, and what you don’t like just make sure you stay true to you.

Royal Ascot

Making memories 💛 Such a wonderful day out, every year we do something slightly different and reminisce over past memories we have made. Ascot ladies day is normally the third Thursday is June and is an amazing day out. They also have other events throughout the year including the Luna Cinema and the Christmas FamilyContinue reading “Royal Ascot”

A little bit of fresh air

This is just perfect 💚 It’s felt like a long week working whist the children were on half term but now I’m free for the weekend. Time to get outside and explore West Sussex a bit more.

Work life

Totally shattered today and I have only worked 2 days this week! The children are on half term and I feel awful that I have not taken them away for the week. I have an awful migraine and I am holding a conference tomorrow. My hair is messy, my brain is scrambled and I’m offContinue reading “Work life”