Standen House and Gardens – Christmas 2022

I took a slight detour today as I had a meeting in Tunbridge Wells, and I was travelling from Sussex. Standen House Christmas display had been brought to our attention last week and I am so glad I had time to make a visit. The house and gardens created in the 1890’s by the BealeContinue reading “Standen House and Gardens – Christmas 2022”

Think twice this Christmas

You know Christmas for me is a time that we try and spend time with people we care about. It’s not about the gifts, it about how we treat each other a gift will never change behaviour. This year one of my friends really wanted to loose weight and give up smoking and you knowContinue reading “Think twice this Christmas”

Christmas Tree Adventure

When you see all these amazing Christmas films where families are going out to cut down their own tree and its in your dreams to one day do it. Well this year I took the family to ‘Pick our own Christmas Tree’. As we will be visiting family we decided that we wanted to digContinue reading “Christmas Tree Adventure”

Tuesday Thoughts 💭

As Christmas Day is fast approaching remember to take a moment before you get dragged into the ‘gifting’ hype pushed at us all. Know who you are buying for, do you need to buy for everyone? For me the people I spend Christmas Day with are those that I will share gifts with, with aContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts 💭”